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Spring Pole

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  • Two different resistance settings
  • For all dog sizes and breeds
  • Solid stainless steel hardware

This heavy duty bungee spring pole is made of 5/8" thick weather resistant bungee cord which is sure to hold its elasticity through heavy use. The heavy duty stainless steel rope clamps a bull-snap provides heightened strength and durability. The heavy duty stainless steel bull-snaps provide added security that the tug won't break loose and injury your dog. The optional heavy duty stainless steel carabiners provide a working load of 1540 pounds. The handler is confident in the bungee cord and hardware when their working dog is pulling hard at the end of the spring pole. This spring pole does not include any typical hardware store porch spring which means no rust, no intertwining and no noise! These are made in house by Primitive Choice. You will not find this item in stores.


HOW TO SET UP A SPRING POLE: Attach the carabiner on the side with the single welded O ring to a strap hanging from a tree, rafter, horizontal pole, etc. (Please make sure the used structure is beyond sturdy). Attach a toy to the carabiner on the end with two bungee options. You're all set to let your dog play!


HOW TO USE A SPRING POLE: A bungee spring pole is used as a conditioning tool for those shaping their dogs. It helps burn fat and then builds and strengthens muscle on your dog. The bungee spring pole can of course be used for pure fun and entertainment for your dog! 

This spring pole has two resistance settings. When you use one bungee cord you get 250 pounds of resistance for tight muscle building and fat burning workout. When you use both bungee cords together you you get 500 pounds of resistance for a solid muscle building workout.

You can adjust the height of the spring pole for different workouts regarding the positioning of the dog's feet. You can have it high where they are swinging with all 4 feet off the ground. You can lower it some so that only the front 2 feet are off the ground. You can lower it more so that all 4 feet are on the ground. Always remember to work your dog safely!


OPTIONAL UPGRADES AND TIPS FOR A SPRING POLE: This spring pole can either come fully equipped with the two needed carabiners  or you can opt to buy it without the two carabiners. This is an option because I personally use rock climbing twist locking carabiners to add that extra sense of security that the bungee cord will not come unhooked and hit my dog in the face. I have never seen, heard or had this happen; I just choose to take the extra precaution. I know some other dog owners would wish to go that route as well, that is why I offer it with no carabiners. AT ANY TIME, DO NOT USE WEAK, LOW GRADE CARABINERS ON YOUR SPRING POLE.


Quick links - used to attach the top O ring to a strap and the bottom O ring to a toy.

Rock climbing rated carabiners -  used to attach the top O ring to a strap and the bottom O ring to a toy.,Blue/dp/B07RDFRR9H/ref=asc_df_B07RDFRR9H/?tag=&linkCode=df0&hvadid=343304106172&hvpos=1o8&hvnetw=g&hvrand=16996948670331932439&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029086&hvtargid=pla-784323801109&ref=&adgrpid=69498632379&th=1 


Nylon string runner - used to wrap around a beyond sturdy tree limb, rafter or any other reliable horizontal structure. Then attach the spring pole set up to the bottom of the strap. They come in different lengths so you can adjust the height of the spring pole. Super handy and what I personally use! You can also take this strap with you making your spring pole practically useable anywhere!!


4 ply nylon dog collar - used to wrap around a beyond sturdy tree limb, rafter or any other reliable horizontal structure. Securely latch the collar completely closed as if on a dog. Then attach the spring pole set up to the D ring of the collar. If you have an extra, in great condition 4 ply collar then this is a great option for you. You can take this collar with you making your spring pole practically useable anywhere!! DO NOT EVER USE ANY COLLAR FROM THE PET STORE. They are not made strong enough for this type of use. The 4 ply collars I sell are built completely different from those bought from a pet store.

Firehose tug - Great toy of choice for a spring pole. Recommend over a cow hide as I have seen dogs rip out their canine teeth.

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