It is my goal to have absolute customer satisfaction, however due to the perishable nature of my product, Primitive Choice does not allow any refunds or exchanges once an item is purchased. Cancelations or changes to an order are allowed up to two days after purchase, unless the items have already shipped, so please purchase at your own risk. Once receiving your order if there is something your pet will not eat, please don't hesitate to contact me for tips on how to feed or ways to donate to other raw fed animals in your local community.



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The Primitive Choice web site is constantly undergoing changes in order to keep information up to date for your convenience. However, the information provided on this website is not compiled by a licensed or certified Veterinarian, Animal Nutritionist or even a Vet Tech. This information is compiled by a large amount of online resources, books and personal experiences from those who feed a raw food diet. That being said, even though the Primitive Choice website provides compiled helpful information, it is to be used as an educational tool, we are not to be used to diagnose, give treatment, or replace or overrule your veterinarian. Primitive Choice is never intended to be a veterinarian consultation service or replace your vet in any way. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding your pets health or quality of life concerning feeding a raw food diet, or in general, please seek medical attention by your trusted veterinarian and do not ever solely rely on this websites information. Therefore, use the information provided on this website at your own risk, and discuss it over with your trusted veterinarian.

If your pet ever experiences any health issues, the provided information on the website is a tool to simply gain more knowledge about what could possibly be wrong with your pet, but in no way is to diagnosis your pet. Please take superior care of your pet, and take them to the vet as soon as possible when you question their quality of life due to an illness or other factor.

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