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The MUST HAVE item for every raw feeder!
  • Freezer safe
  • 100% leak proof
  • Reusable to infinity
  • Transform my raw product bags into sealable bags

The Gripstic is the answer to all your raw feeding prepping problems! Have you ever cut open a bag of a raw meat item but you didn’t need to use the entire bag? Of course you have, we all have! So now what, do you put it in a zip lock bag, put it in a clean bowl you now have to wash or do you stand up the bag in the fridge which leads to a mess? The Gripstic is here to put an end to the raw feeding hate in your relationships! Behold, the Gripstic patented slide and seal technology that not only turns any bag into a zip lock bag, it doesn’t leak one bit and locks in freshness by sealing the entire bag air tight! SAY WHAT! That’s right, you can turn ANY bag into a zip lock bag that will not leak one drop of blood. Please do make sure that the location of the Gripstick rod is clear of any liquid prior to sliding onto the bag to ensure no leaks!

But wait…there’s more! It doesn’t stop with your pet’s bag or raw bloody meat, oh no! It is the best chip clip device ever made, literally! This reusable sealing rod locks air and moisture out to prevent your chips, pretzels, snacks, cereal from going stale, prevents freezer burn and keeps food fresh longer.

I, the ownder of Primitive Choice, have been using Gripstics for a few years now. I wanted to start carrying them as soon as I started my business but was unable to find the time to do so, so it fell on the back burner. I am beyond thrilled to carry this amazing product for you guys!! So much so, that if you don’t like your Gripstic I will fully refund your order and pay the return shipping!

Here at Primitive Choice - you can buy each rod individually to mix and match the sizes that you need. No need to pay for the smaller sizes that end up just sitting in the drawer! The three size rods I currently carry fit on every single raw bag of meat from Primitive Choice. Ps. they make great gifts, people love them!!

  • Safe to use in the freezer
  • Does not leak a drip or drop
  • Maximize freshness of any product
  • Extend the shelf life of food
  • Turn practically any bag into a sealable bag
  • Endlessly reusable until someone steals it from you
  • Saves the planet by cutting out plastic Ziploc bags

  • Free shipping when bought from Primitive Choice
  • Satisfaction guarantee – If you don’t love your Gripstics within 30 days of receiving them, I will fully refund your order and pay the return shipping
  • Anything not made by Gripstic is a knock off and they do not work at all! Ive tested them all!
  • Primitive Choice is the only pet service provider to carry the awesome product
  • The single rod and 15 set bundle pack is only available at Primitive Choice
  • Perfect item because Primitive Choice does not have to spend extra money on supplying items in zipper bags which would have increased the product sale price. So now we all win, same product price AND a zipper bag, sweet! Plus we all know meat in zipper bags still leak!

ORANGE - 9 inches
GREEN - 11 inches
PINK - 13 inches
GREEN HANDLE - 17 inches - up to 50 pounds

There are two other sizes available  5 inch and 7 inch - if there is a demand for them then I will carry them as well.


Where do you store your dry pet food? Chances are the answer is in a plastic storage container. Did you know that storing your dry dog or cat food in a plastic storage container is actually the worst place to store it? Due to the preservatives used on kibble, the food has a chemical reaction as soon as the kibble hits air. So as soon as you open a new bag of food, a chemical reaction is taking place. Storing the food in a storage bin where its constantly touching air is actually the worst place to store dry pet food yet so many companies still sell them! The best thing to do is to keep the kibble in the bag and roll is closed, but how tight does that stay? It doesn’t!

Introducing the Gripstic Heavy Duty 17" Handle. Simply slide the Gripstic over the bag of kibble and viola, you’ve done your part to help prolong the chemical reaction – question is why don’t the pet food suppliers tell you this?!
Now how about cat litter– ever buy it in a bag, roll the top “closed” to keep it all in just to come back to the room and find it spilling onto the floor? The Gripstic Heavy Duty 17" Handle can solve that problem too!

Gripstic Heavy Duty 17" Handle is a must have for your home, garage, pet supplies, camping or boating activities. They are extremely versatile and holds up to 50 pounds, is easy to use and easy to store. Their patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness and prevents spills!

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