Custom Freeze Dry


- Custom batch of freeze dried items

- Each batch holds 15 - 20 pounds MAX

- Each batch has 5 trays. You can fill all 5 trays with with the same item, or you can put one item per tray, or you can split the trays up and put multiple items on each tray.

- The freeze dried ounces you receive per item will vary depending on the individual item

Some custom batches include yogurt drops, fruit bites, vegetables bites, different powders, kefir powders, candy, breast milk and more! Please note that not items can be freeze dried so please contact me prior to ordering to confirm.


Custom Freeze Dry - for local customers who drop off their items and they are already prepped or sliced. For distance customers whose items do not require any prep work.


Custom Freeze Dry + Prep Work - For customers whose batch requires prep work (washing, blanching, slicing etc.) You let me know what items you want to dry and if there is a specific store you want them purchased from (Whole Foods vs Walmart etc). You give me an allowance of how much to spend on buying each item from the store.

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