• 4 feet
  • Solid stainless steel hardware
  • Bull-snap closure

This heavy duty bungee lead is made of 5/8" thick weather resistant bungee cord which is sure to hold its elasticity through heavy use. The heavy duty stainless steel rope clamps a bull-snap provides heightened strength and durability. The bull-snaps are used over traditional quick snaps to provide security that the dog does not break loose. The handler is confident in the bungee cord and hardware when their working dog is pulling hard at the end of the leash. This bungee cord leash is mainly used as a conditioning tool for those shaping their dogs. These are made in house by Primitive Choice. You will not find this item in stores.


This leash can be customized to any length and closure (bull-snap, quick snap or trigger). The current in stock colors are only black.

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