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Parting Stick

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  • High impact nylon
  • Tapered end
  • A must for APBT owners

These nylon parting sticks are made of high impact nylon and are cut into a convenient shape to comfortably fit your hand. They are gradually tapered at the end to fit between the dogs teeth. There is a hole drilled at the end of the stick if you wish to add a string handle. While the nylon is high impact, it is still soft enough not to break any teeth. After each use, the dogs teeth will engrave the stick, this is normal. It is recommended to sterilize the sticks by placing them in boiling water. These sticks are not and will never be knowingly sold by Primitive Choice to any one for any illegal purpose!! You will not find this item in stores.


WHO SHOULD OWN A PARTING STICK: It is recommended that ALL responsible American Pit Bull Terrier owners should own a parting stick. It is my opinion that at ALL dog breed owners should have one at home and one in their car that is always take on walks. Even if your dog is not aggressive, you never know just when another dog could attack yours. These sticks are used to quickly help open a dogs mouth in the unfortunate situation that there is a fight. Even if you do not own an American Pit Bull Terrier, or any other breed that bites and holds, it is still recommend that you own a parting stick just incase you find yourself present in the unfortunate situation that someone else's dog attacks yours or someone else's. You could be the hero if you come across a fight and you are able to quickly help break it up with your parting stick.


HOW TO USE A PARTING STICK: Simply place the tapered end of the stick horizontally in-between the biting dogs mouth, then twist the stick vertically to open the dogs jaws. Best case scenario, you want two people present in order to keep the dogs separate once a parting stick has been used. If you are alone and the dogs are both going at each other, try if possible to attach a leash to to the dog that is being bitten and attach it to something stable like a tree. Use the stick on the unleashed dog then back that dog away while from the dog that is leashed up to something. If the second dog is not fighting back, then place the aggressive dog between your legs then use the parting stick.


PARTING STICKS SHOULD NOT BE USED ON DOGS THAT RE GRIP (BITE BITE BITE) THEY ARE TO ONLY BE USED ON DOGS THAT BITE AND HOLD. By using these parting sticks on a dog that re grips, you risk that once you insert the stick into their mouth that the dog will redirect and bite your arm.

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