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Krueger's Dream Treats

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Krueger's Dream Treats, They're To Die For!!

Are you looking for a high value treat to really keep your dogs attention during a training session? Do you have a dog whose just not into treats as motivation? Well Krueger's Dream Treats are the answer!

These highly addicting bite size training treats smell so good that you might even be tempted you to try them! These treats are so high value that they up dogs eagerness to train whether it be a basic obedience session, trick training or tracking. They are perfect for the conformation as they can be stuffed in your pockets, or hey even your mouth!

 Don't crumble in your pocket
 Grease free training hands
 Extreme high value
 Perfect bite size for most dogs

 Easy to break apart when kept sealed
 Only 5 ingredients
 Sourced and made in the USA

These make Kruegers go CRAZY! My last training clients dog refused her Ziwi Peak over these Dream Treats! My CATS even go stir crazy for these treats!

Regarding the texture due to the moisture level in the treat!
** These treats come packaged "moist" but will harden if greatly exposed to air. They arrive soft and extremely easy to break into several smaller pieces. If you have a small dog and you plan to break these in half or even smaller, then I highly suggest keeping them in the bag and it sealed shut when not using them. Of course they will not dry and harden during a training session. There is a slight "wet" feel to these treats compared to when they are dried out, however they are still not greasy!

**Now, if you have a medium or larger dog and you plan to feed one treat per reward, then you have the option to keep them soft or let them harden up. If you want them a little harder then simply leave the bag open for a few hours, then seal it back up. By letting them harden up, you will no longer be able to EASILY break them into smaller pieces like you can when they are soft. Alos, since the moister level is lower when they dry out, the texture will now be completely dry versus slightly "wet".

Choose whatever way works best for you and your dog :)


Beef, rice flour, natural smoke flavor, salt, garlic powder. Rice flour is a binder for the consistency. 

3 kcal/pc


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