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Smelt Sperm Covered - Freeze Dried

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  • Have you ever seen sperm covered smelt, I bet not!
  • Each bag weighs approximately 2 oz
  • Sperm its high in protein, vitamin B12 and vitamin D
  • I do not know if we will have another sperm covered smelt batch
  • Each bag weighs approximately 2 oz
  • Freeze dried treats retain 95% of the vital minerals and nutrients
  • Wild caught Canada smelt covered in smelt sperm
  • No additives or preservatives, just one ingredient treats!
  • Human grade - wild caught - antibiotic, hormone and steroid free

What is the story behind the sperm covered smelt?!

I just pulled out a batch of freeze dried smelt and the fish were completely white! I have been freeze drying smelt for 3 years now and I have never seen the fish be white. I immediately thought the fish were bad and worried that my favorite smelt supplier was now spraying something synthetic on their fish. So I reached out to them showing the photos on this post and boy what an answer I got back!

First I shook the container and white flask were flying off the fish. I then put a smelt in water, the “white stuff” imeldatalty went away, showed as flakes then dissolved. I am at such a loss as to what the heck this white stuff is.

Well according to my lot number for this particular box, I was told that I purchased a box of Spring fish covered in milt (sperm). They fish for approximately 4 weeks in the spring and during that time the fish typically have lots of milt adhered to them. Say what!!

At this point I am contemplating what to do with the sperm covered smelt. Should I was them all off and re freeze dry them or just feed them to my own animals. Then I thought, hmm I wonder if there are nay benefits behind this bizarre situation! Turns out sperm is good for the skin as it has high levels of protein, vitamin B12 and D!

I share all of this to show just how transparent I am with my company. I was worried the smelt add synthetic additives which would have meant trash, and come to find out they actually have a little extra health bonus to them! Thanks to our awesome supplier and their amazing communication and transparency on their end!

What started out as a huge concern has now taught me, and I am sure all of you, something new! The more you know!

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