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Lamb Organ Blend Powder - Freeze Dried

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  • Each bag weighs approximately 9.4 oz
  • Equivalent to 2 pounds raw weight
  • Powdered, freeze dried lamb organ blend
  • Each bag weighs approximately 9.4 oz, equaling 2 pound of raw lamb organ blend. 1 pound lamb kidney and 1 pound lamb liver.
  • Freeze dried treats retain over 95% of the vital minerals and nutrients
  • 1 oz raw = .26 oz powder, 4 oz raw = 1 oz powder, 8 oz raw = 2 oz powder, 16 oz raw = 4 oz powder  (this is based off of MY hours of research and MY calculations of converting MY raw goods to freeze dried goods)
  • This is a very fine powder and can be used to replace raw organs
  • No additives or preservatives, just one ingredient
  • Human grade, antibiotic, hormone and steroid free
  • Perfect diet additive for those pets who do not like to eat their organs
  • You can rehydrate freeze dried eggs by simply using a one to one ratio of water
  • Made by hand in extremely small batches

  • All products are human grade – they never contain denaturants or come from 3D or 4D meats
  • Hand crafted in-house in small 5-pound batches to provide top nutritional value and freshness

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