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Pet Shampoo Bar

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  • All natural pet shampoo 
  • Only two ingredients
  • A little bar that last a long time!

This All Natural soap to wash your pets with is one of our best kept secrets. Once our customers try this they are hooked.

The Pine Tar added is a natural antiseptic that will provide a deep clean for your pets without drying their skin and will help control dandruff.

The Pennyroyal Oil added is a natural flea and mosquito repellent. You will love how this soap leaves your pets coat clean, shiny and smelling good.

Simply get your pet wet, lather the Pet Sham-Pooch Bar in your hands and rub into the fur and skin. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Be careful not to get soap in your pets’ eyes, nose and ears. 


NOTHING is wrong with these shampoo bars. I had them stored in a paper bag in the same container where an all natural insect repellent slightly leaked and caused the paper bag to stick to the shampoo bars and cause damage to the labels. The paper bag will come off ass soon as the bar is used the first time. The photos show the worst of it. My shops loss is your gain!

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