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Beef Bonanza - Dehydrated

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  • Sold per bag, 8 - 10 pieces, 10 oz
  • All natural
  • Variety bag of beef items

Treat your pet with a variety of grassfed beef items.The Beef Bonanza bag gives you a chance to try several products with one purchase. White Oak strives to have no waste in all departments of the farm, not just the pastures and abattoirs! Dehydrated on their farm, these treats give their customers a way to be part of our vertically integrated production system. The bag may contain the following: rawhide, spleen, liver, heart, tongue, cheek, pizzle, jerky, ear, nose, etc. 

  • Never bleached or treated with any chemicals, preservatives, additives or dyes
  • From pasture-raised cattle in Georgia, USA


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