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I started feeding my animals a prey model raw diet 5 years ago. I knew that I wanted my pets to live the best, healthiest, happiest life that they possibly could so I began doing my research when I learned just how terrible kibble is and how positive a raw food diet can be. I say can be because it does take a lot of research and knowledge to do provide a properly balanced raw food diet. I spent months researching a prey model raw food diet before I finally took the plunge into starting. However don't let this deter you, as with anything the more knowledge the better off you are and once you learn the ground rules and get the feel for things, its as easy as scoping kibble out of a bag ;)  I started off shopping at the local super markets, then evolved into being that crazy lady whose entire cart was full of off the wall items at the oriental market, to eventually buying online from a raw food supplier. I started off with one cat prepping his meals everyday, then went to prepping each week. I soon added into the mix a dog and thereafter two more cats. I realized that for me personally I would rather have one big prep day rather having to find time to do it each week. I bought my first stand up freezer on craigslist and started prepping their monthly meals. Every time I prepped, I learned something new regarding how to prep faster, cut better, portion things easier. This lead me to begin peeping my 3 cats meals 4 months at a time. When I first made this transition, it took my 12 hours to prep 4 months of food for my 3 animals, which I didn't think was terrible but I knew I could do better. Fast forward to today, I can prep my 3 cats meals for 4 months time in as little as 4 hours! That means a I spend only 12 hours a year prepping for my 4 cats!!! It doesn't get much better than that!! I still prep my dogs meals monthly as he's a very active working dog and I like the option to add and subtract to his meals on a monthly bases. Since then, for my personal use I had purchased a large chest freezer and another standup to hold all of my bulk items and prepared meals. These freezers have served me well until I began my business and purchased the mac daddy of all feezers, a Hobart walk in, a raw feeders dream come true! 


Rewind a little bit, I moved to Colorado from Virginia at the end of 2016. I had just graduated college and wanted something new, something fresh, and Colorado was calling my name. There was really only one thing constantly scaring me about moving, and that was where the heck I would find my new raw food sources. I new where I currently purchased my food from online would be on the bubble of shipping all the way out to Colorado, so I worried about finding local places all over again. To add on to my stress, I knew my cats food was up about 3 weeks after arriving in Colorado. So what did I do? I bought over 600 pounds of meat and loaded up my chest and stand up freezer to the brim, and had to load those extremely heavy freezers up the ramp to the back of my 26 foot moving truck! My mom, well everyone, thought I was crazy! Hey maybe I was, but this provided me a sense of relief knowing that I had enough meat to last me a few months so I didn't have to find new sources right away. I checked the freezers temps periodically on the 3 day journey out to Colorado, and upon arrival on day three the freezers will still nice and frozen thanks to a few bricks of dry ice. First things to come off the truck were my two freezers, got them plugged in, checked all my meat to be at an appropriate temperate and gave myself a huge sigh of relief, I was now ready to unload the rest of the truck knowing my animals food was taken care of. 

Since being in Colorado, I have found a few local small businesses to support when buying my offal and liver, and still using a lot of the bone in and boneless meat I brought with me from Virginia. But what I did notice is that Colorado didn't have the amount of resources that I thought they would. This got me thinking, hmmmm I could be a recourse for a lot of raw feeders since I am pretty centrally located in the US. Thus the idea for my own raw business began. Two months later I quit my job and jumped head first into Primitive Choice LLC. I didn't have a lot of space or any customers, but I had walk in hobart freezer filled with over 2,000 pounds of meat, a few gray hairs, and a big ole smile on my face ready to provide a lot of pets with the best food on this planet. 

Primitive Choice offers a growing selection of boneless, bone in, liver, offal and recreation bones in 1 pound increments. This allows you to buy more variety for your pets with simple math when placing an order. I will also offer case sales to local pick up in Loveland, CO. In addition, to those who are just not quit prepared to take the plunge into raw feeding because they are worried they will do it incorrectly or those who  meals. This service will send you anywhere from 1 month (31 days) up to a years worth of prepped food in tightly sealed containers, ready to be opened up one day at a time and placed in a bowl ready to eat, completely balanced for your pet and their lifestyle. This takes out a lot of the begging staged of learning how to provide your pets a raw food diet, but allows you to start today instead of later on. The only thing to consider is how big of freezer space you have will dictate how many months of food you can store at a time! Lastly, I will also be providing a meal plan service. This service includes me making your pet a 100% custom meal plan specific to their size, weight, age, activity level etc. and allows you to do the meal prepping yourself. Lots of great options for every kind of raw feeder out there!

Thank you for your support in my dream, I can't wait to start providing your beloved pets the best diet on the planet. 

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